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About Us

A Local Face That You Can Trust… Since 1998!

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Twenty years ago, Jerry Naimoli took a leap of faith and became an entrepreneur. He had spent years learning the ins and outs of the construction field while working at James J. Anderson Construction and Caterpillar, and when his first child was born, Naimoli picked up side jobs cutting lawns and doing small home repairs for extra income. The more requests he got, the more he realized his side job could be a fulltime commitment.

Naimoli founded Naimoli Contractors in early 1998, growing his client list with quality referrals and word of mouth. He realized he had to overcome the media stereotypes of contractors in order to succeed. “I got tired of hearing on the news about contractors who were ripping people off, taking their deposits and
leaving the work unfinished,” says Naimoli. “I marketed myself as the local face you could trust and people were attracted to that.” When other contractors would come in with just a pen and paper to give an estimate, Naimoli went a few steps further, introducing himself, talking about his background and his family.

He is now recognized as one of the top contractors in South Jersey, thanks in large part to the stellar reviews from former clients. “There are challenges of owning your own business, trying to stand out from
the bad press. But the reward is when a job is done and everyone is happy,” he says.

The staff of six at Naimoli Contractors includes project manager Patrick Kim and foreman Michael Grunza, who each run a crew of full-time and seasonal workers. “We are an all-in-one operation; we don’t sub anything out,” says Naimoli. “We do basements, additions, kitchens and bathrooms, flooring, windows,
siding, electrical and plumbing.” Along the way, he has developed close working relationships with Kevin Schiffer of Avalon Flooring and Mike Aimis of Renaissance Marble & Granite, without whom he would not be where he is today.